Republicans to challenge electoral vote

Wednesday, 06 Jan, 2021

Video: A bombshell phone conversation has President Donald Trump facing new legal questions.

"In threatening these officials with vague "criminal" consequences, and in encouraging them to "find" additional votes and hire investigators who "want to find answers", the President may have also subjected himself to additional criminal liability", Nadler said.

The phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday was the latest step in an unprecedented effort by a sitting president to pressure a state official to reverse the outcome of a free and fair election that he lost.

"President Trump, we've had several lawsuits, and we've had to respond in court to the lawsuits and the contentions", he said on the call.

On the call, Raffensperger's general counsel, Ryan Germany, told Trump there was no evidence that Dominion voting machines were being removed or parts were being replaced.

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the third-ranking House Republican, warned in a memo to colleagues that objections to the Electoral College results "set an exceptionally unsafe precedent".

At the op-ed's conclusion, the former secretaries also appeared to address Biden's claims that his transition team has faced roadblocks put up by the Trump White House in meeting Pentagon leaders ahead of his inauguration. "And there's nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you've recalculated".

Cruz's coalition of 11 Republican senators vows to reject the Electoral College tallies unless Congress launches a commission to immediately conduct an audit of the election results.

Raffensperger has come under fire from the party establishment across the state for not bending to Trump's will. He said last week that he can not vote to certify without "raising the fact that some states, particularly Pennsylvania, failed to follow their own state election laws".

The bipartisan group of leaders published the letter in The Washington Post as President Trump continues to deny his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

"Mr. President, you have people that submit information and we have our people that submit information, and it comes before the court and a court then has to make a determination", Raffensperger tells Trump.

The Democratic-controlled House is expected to vote down any objection. This year in particular, many states expected delays reporting votes given the large increase in mail-in ballots and different states' rules about the timeline for counting them.

Democrats need to win both races to take control of the Senate for the first time since Republicans gained power in 2015.

To their shame, almost a dozen Republican senators and senators-elect and more than 100 House Republicans say they are going to challenge the vote certification.

'We have at least 2 or 3 - anywhere from 250 to 300,000 ballots were dropped mysteriously into the rolls, ' Trump said.

It has confirmed the statement signed by the members Senate Republicans, namely: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Bill Cassidy and Mitt Romney, say voters have said their word, and Congress must now fulfill its responsibility to certify election results.

Ten former defense secretaries urged Trump to concede, writing in a joint article that the time for questioning the results had passed, and that any effort to involve the USA armed forces in resolving election disputes "would take us into risky, unlawful and unconstitutional territory". They don't want to vote. I don't even know why you have a side, because you should want to have an accurate election.

"The Trump campaign had ample opportunity to challenge election results, and those efforts failed from lack of evidence", he said.

Former three-term Sen. John Danforth of Missouri said in a stinging statement, "Lending credence to Trump's false claim that the election was stolen is a highly destructive attack". Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Steve Daines of Montana, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Mike Braun of Indiana.

"It's going to have a big impact on Tuesday if you don't get this thing straightened out fast", he added.