Xiaomi Stops Roll-Out Of Mi A3 Devices After Users' Complaints

Friday, 08 Jan, 2021

Xiaomi has released an official statement acknowledging the issue and has promised to offer a solution at no cost.

Note that only Xiaomi Mi A3 units with valid IMEIs are closed - i.e. purchased in Europe.

Affected smartphones are repaired for free in PortugalO smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3, M Azul. Back in August, Xiaomi announced MIUI 12 software update for users in India.

However, as per Xiaomi's statement, all Mi A3 users in India will be offered free unconditional fix, which means, even if devices are within or beyond warranty, they will be offered the fix free of cost. The affected user said device owners shouldn't be penalised for a mistake caused by the company and killed their Mi A3 phones. It doesn't matter if your phone is under warranty or not, it will be fixed for free.

After a long time, when most of the users of the Xiaomi Redmi 7 had lost the hopes of the update, Xiaomi has again called on the major Android 10 update along with the MIUI 11 version across all the global Redmi 7 devices. Moreover, Xiaomi Redmi 7 will only get one promised Android OS update, which is Android 10.

There are also reports that Android 11 internal testing is ongoing for the Poco X3 NFC, Poco M3 and Poco M2, implying that the public beta testing for the trio is not far off.

Let me inform you, the A3 customers had been upset as a result of mistaken Android 11 replace, the telephone was fully useless as a result of replace. The update is also expected to include the core Android 11 features.

Potato Open Source Project (POSP) is helping out Xiaomi Mi A2 with Android 11. As we had mentioned earlier that the phone will be launched by the first week of January if any last moment changes are not made by the company.

Do expect bugs on both Poco F1 and Mi A2 at this stage. If you have a unit in these situations, we advise the user to go to or Contact a Mi Store Portuguese store.