SoHo Karen snaps at Gayle King in heated interview

Saturday, 09 Jan, 2021

Authorities in California have arrested the woman allegedly involved in an incident in which a jazz musician said his 14-year-old son was attacked by a woman who falsely accused him of taking her iPhone.

Ponsetto was taken into custody in Los Angeles after being located as a result of a collaborative investigation led by the Ventura County Sheriff's office and NYPD, TMZ reported.

A Ventura County judge said in a Friday hearing a New York warrant charges her with attempted robbery, endangering a child's welfare, fourth-degree attempted grand larceny and attempted assault, according to the New York Daily News.

Ponsetto, who has become known as "SoHo Karen" online, told King that she considers herself to be "super sweet" and never meant "to like hurt him or his father either".

She was detained Thursday by deputies with a warrant from the New York Police Department.

Many on Twitter noted the language she chose to use in this interview, especially when she mentioned that she was a Puerto-Rican woman."This Miya Ponsetto thing is a great time for us non-Black Latinas to really look inwards at the ways we've weaponised our proximity to whiteness against Black folks", Founder of Latino Rebels, Prisca Dorcas Mojica RodrÃguez, tweeted.

Police say she refused to stop when cops tried pulling her over three blocks from home and had to be physically pulled out of the vehicle after she attempted to slam the door on a deputy's leg.

Ponsetto had been intending to briefly check in to the New York City hotel.

King, however, continued to confront Ponsetto with her actions, calling Ponsetto's behavior "extreme".

Miya Ponsetto Entertainment Tonight
Miya Ponsetto Entertainment Tonight

There is no video that has been made public of this account, however, there is video evidence of her tackling the teenage boy.

Ghatan represented Ponsetto before the NY incident and is not licensed in that state.

Security video later released by the NYPD shows Ponsetto frantically grabbing at the teen as he tried to get away from her through the hotel's front door.

Ghatan added that she had serious concerns about both her clients emotional and mental wellbeing. "You are 22 years old but you are old enough to know better", she says, and that's pretty much it right there.

Ponsetto then offered, "I don't feel that that is who I am as a person".

Ponsetto accused the teen of stealing her cell phone at the Arlo SoHo hotel and tried to take his phone during the attack, believing it was hers.

"Okay, so, basically, I'm - I'm a 22 year old girl". "But I do sincerely from the bottom of my heart apologize that if I made the son feel as if I assaulted him or if I hurt his feelings or the father's feelings".

It turns out Ponsetto had left her phone in an Uber, and the driver returned it minutes after the confrontation. "Enough", she said, indignantly waving her hand at the camera. Ghatan said her client was "not trying to make any racial statement".