Over 200,000 Ghanaians receive COVID-19 vaccine

Wednesday, 10 Mar, 2021

Piercey said with two of the risk factors - diabetes and obesity - you're at a much higher risk of complications from COVID-19, and there's a much higher risk of death for individuals with diabetes.

Henry says having a vision for where we are going is something we need.

Gen-Xers, rejoice! Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Monday afternoon that due to excess supply of the coronavirus vaccine, the pool of eligible recipients will be expanded Thursday.

It represents light at the end of the tunnel for many after a long year of on again off again lockdown, but the powers that be are keen to insist, the job isn't over yet.

That means that there is a time crunch to get them into people's arms.

His office says the 52-year-old governor is "feeling healthy and well", after receiving the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine from a member of the Indiana National Guard.

Last week, the US government distributed over 21 million doses of all three vaccines.

Health Minister Adrian Dix said in a conference Monday that the vaccine booking service received 1.7 million calls by 9:40 this morning. Others are journalists, airlines workers, prisoners, tour operators, immigration officers and humanitarian workers.

Many volunteers at vaccination sites across the state have succeeded in getting their vaccines early - and at some of the larger sites, daily staffing requirements are very big.

Crawfordsville High School science teacher Jenny Veatch said she's planning to schedule her shot in the coming days.

The state's long-awaited state vaccine website was also up and running on Monday.

According to district spokesperson Scott Oxarart, the health district recently sent more than 4,000 emails to seniors notifying them of their ability to schedule a vaccine appointment.