United States attacks on China at dialogue 'not the way to treat guests'

Friday, 19 Mar, 2021

"Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability", Blinken said. USA officials have previously called China's actions against the Uighurs there a "genocide".

Relations between the US and China were tense under the Trump administration.

There is no public agenda for the event, but a spokesman for the US State Department said "a range of issues" would be discussed. It also accuses the USA of "suppressing" successful Chinese tech companies, such as Huawei. Beijing has retaliated in kind, hitting American entities and individuals with similar penalties. In China, according to opinion polls, the leaders of China have the wide support of the Chinese people.

The idea itself is not new - a similar mechanism was set up under President George W. Bush. Blinken and Sullivan were top foreign-policy officials.

Under former President Donald Trump, the White House used a series of tariffs and sanctions to pressure China over trade, perceived unfair business practices, and technology.

A senior Biden administration official played down expectations that the Alaska meeting would lead to any agreement.

It has also said all those who have attended the complexes in question have "graduated" and gone home.

Among those included in the sanctions are Wang Chen, a member of the Chinese Communist Party's elite 25-member Politburo, and Tam Yiu-chung, the Hong Kong delegate to the Chinese parliament's standing committee, which drafted the national security law.

Still, the Biden team has said it wants to engage diplomatically on the world stage, in a pivot from Trump's isolationist and ally-berating stance, particularly on issues such as climate change, the pandemic and the non-proliferation of weapons. Sanctions forbid their travel to the US and block their dealings with American financial institutions.

According to U.S. reporter Christina Ruffini, both sides were "trying to have the last word".

Yang Jiechi
China's ambassador to US says he doesn't have 'high expectations' for Alaska summit with Biden officials

The United States said in January that China had committed "genocide" in Xinjiang.

With its frigid temperatures and remote, Pacific location, Anchorage was considered a more neutral meeting ground than Washington or Beijing for the three-session talks that finish Friday morning. Xi and Biden, the people with knowledge of Beijing's plans said. It would also reportedly involve regular high-level meetings between the USA and China.

After Wang ended his comments, government handlers began to usher the media out of the conference room, but Blinken waved at them to stay as he added that the United States "is not perfect" but throughout history it has dealt with its challenges openly. "And that would be a far more violent and unstable world for all of us".

Topics of discussion during the meeting in Anchorage are also expected to include North Korea's denuclearization, with the United States expecting China, which has been Pyongyang's primary diplomatic backer, to play a key role in the issue.

"We do not seek conflict, but we welcome stiff competition, and we will always stand up for our principles, for our people and for our friends", said Sullivan, claiming earlier that they will raise "frankly, directly and with clarity. the concerns on the minds of the American people" and shared by "our allies and partners in the broader global community".

Having Messrs. Blinken and Sullivan at the session will make clear, the official said, "there is not going to be daylight and that the games that China has played in the past, to divide us, or attempt to divide us, are simply not going to work here".

He objected to what he called a violation of diplomatic protocol, and said the USA could not lecture China from a position of strength.

And the Chinese have refused to compromise on what they say are matters of national sovereignty and security.

"It abuses so-called notions of national security to obstruct normal trade exchanges, and incite some countries to attack China", he added.