Biden pushes back amid mounting crisis over border

Monday, 22 Mar, 2021

"We are elevating our messaging, so that the individuals do know that they can not come to the border", he said on CNN's "State of the Union". "Do not come. This journey is unsafe".

"We will have, I believe, by next month enough of those beds to take care of these children who have no place to go", Biden told ABC News.

"The border is closed", Alejandro Mayorkas said on NBC's "Meet the Press", adding that immigration authorities are expelling families and single adults, but not children who cross the border alone.

"He's basically saying the United States will not secure our border and that is a big welcome sign to migrants from across the world", Cotton said.

He admitted that more could be done to persuade migrants to stay at home, rather than descending on the border.

In the statement shared by his ex-press secretary Sean Spicer on Sunday, Trump stressed that the Biden administration should immediately resume construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border in light of the crisis. We have a plan. "We are executing on our plan and we will succeed", the Havana-born Mr Mayorkas said on ABC. Biden has said he would not reveal the letter's content until he talked with Trump but it's unclear when is the last time the two men spoke. Mayorkas, and many Democrats, says fault lies with former President Donald Trump and his administration, which they argue left behind an inhumane and inadequate system to deal with influx.

"It is especially challenging and hard now because the entire system under United States law that has been in place throughout administrations of both parties was dismantled in its entirety by the Trump administration", Mayorkas told Raddatz Sunday morning.

"They've created the crisis. I haven't seen a plan".

New photos obtained by Axios show the children living in crowded conditions, many of them sleeping on the floor. "They have created a humanitarian crisis down here at this border".

Migrants are seen at a Customs and Border Protection processing area under the Anzalduas International Bridge, Friday, March 19, 2021, in Mission, Texas.

Dylan Corbett, the director of the Hope Border Institute, an advocacy organization, said the majority of families expelled to Ciudad Juarez after crossing in south Texas have children under 7 years of age.

On Sunday, U.S. President Joe Biden said he planned to visit the border with Mexico "at some point".

Mr Mayorkas also faced criticism for refusing, so far, to grant access to journalists to visit the immigration facilities. But Cuellar told the outlet that as of Sunday, one of the pods contained more than 400 unaccompanied male minors.

"We're not focused on the right things", she said. "That's our highest priority". Cotton said Biden should also embrace Trump-era policies meant to keep pending asylum seekers in Mexico and force migrants to make asylum claims in the first country they pass through. On Thursday, federal officials said there are more than 14,000 unaccompanied children in custody.

More than 10,000 unaccompanied children are now in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Trump also claimed he never conceded to Biden. At least 29,729 migrant children have been apprehended at the US-Mexico border in the period from October to February.