Attempted conspiracy in Jordan? Former Crown Prince questioned, fourteen arrested | overseas

Monday, 05 Apr, 2021

"Prince Hamzah worked to incite and mobilize against the country", the minister said.

Abdullah stripped his half-brother Hamzah of his title as crown prince in 2004, saying he had made a decision to "free" him from the "constraints of the position" in order to allow him to take on other responsibilities.

Prince Hamzah added: "this is my last form of communication, satellite internet, that I have, and I have been informed by the company that they are instructed to cut it so it may be the last time I am able to communicate".

What was the reaction in Jordan? . "God bless and keep them safe", tweeted his American-born mother, Queen Noor Sunday. But the prince has disputed this in a video message.

In a slightly different version of the events, Reuters reported that Jordan's military told Prince Hamza to to stop his actions against the security and stability of the country.

A former US official with knowledge of events in Jordan said the plot did not involve a "physical coup".

Among those detained was Bassem Awadallah, a former finance and planning minister and a longtime confidant of the king.

"The U.S. administration knows that Bassam Awadullah works for MBS (Mohammed bin Salman)".

Senior members of Jordan's royal family have been arrested or censured by the country's military, which said it was trying to prevent people who targeted the "security and stability" of the country.

Saudi Arabia has taken a similar stance, backing any and all actions Jordan's king and crown prince must take to maintain a secure and stable nation, the AP reported.

Hamzah said he was not allowed to leave his home or meet with other people, according to a video provided by his lawyer to the BBC.

Investigation, whose outcomes will be announced in "all transparency", remains ongoing, he said.

"We do not see the stability and calm of Jordan, a country that is key to peace in the Middle East, as separate from Turkey's stability and calm", the ministry said in a statement. "This file is now more or less closed".

He was declared a crown prince on February 7, 1999, but he was replaced on November 28, 2004 by King Abdullah II's eldest son, Hussein bin Abdullah, who was appointed to the post by his father. Jordan, a resource-poor desert kingdom slightly smaller than ME, retains outsize importance because of its reputation for stability.

Regarding the war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia's top diplomat said a ceasefire proposal remained on the table despite a fresh Houthi offensive against the Saudi-backed Yemeni government and continued strikes on Saudi territory.

The Gulf Cooperation Council, a political and economic union of Arab states bordering the Gulf, has also expressed its support, as did Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

What is the situation in Jordan?

. Any astute observer will say if someone this close to MBS is involved he would have to know, said the former US official.

"The country has really suffered under the COVID-19 pandemic economically".

Saturday's security sweep comes as Jordan prepares to mark 100 years since the new kingdom then named Transjordan was established alongside Palestine under British mandate.

He said he was being detained for associating with individuals accused of criticizing the king.

Bessma Momani, a professor of worldwide relations at Ontario's Waterloo University, said the house arrest of Hamzah was "self-defeating" because it is likely to strengthen the prince's popularity.